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Conrad Hotels, Everhart Listings, Corbett & Co, ENCORE | SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, CENTURY 21 SCHEETZ, central indiana REAL ESTATE GROUP, LITZ Real Estate, Monogram Homes, H•E Homes, Regency Properties, EDWARD ROSE & SONS, JLB PArtners, STEADFAST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, IRT Living, AND MANY MORE. 

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For Realtors and Builders only - Designers and architects, please contact us for licensing options

licensed by the FAA & insured

aerial photos                                250 

aerial Videos   [30 sec]               300 

Aerial Photos + Video                350 

Photography and Video

hOMES over - 9000 SQ FT           840

hOMES 6000 - 9000 SQ FT            672

60 sec CINEMATIC TOUR              500

90 sec cinematic tour              750

hOMES 4000 - 6000 SQ FT            504

HOMES 2000 - 4000 SQ FT            357

homes under 2000 sq ft          209

Realtor Photo Shoots




Additional Services

Twilight Photos                          280

exterior update photos          100

3D Tours

HOMES 9000 - 12000 SQ FT          525

 hOMES 6000 - 9000 SQ FT            420

hOMES 4000 - 6000 SQ FT            318

HOMES 2000 - 4000 SQ FT            263

homes under 2000 sq ft          209

Floor Plans

hOMES over - 9000 SQ FT          300

hOMES 6000 - 9000 SQ FT           250

hOMES 4000 - 6000 SQ FT           200

HOMES 2000 - 4000 SQ FT           160

homes under 2000 sq ft         140

Examples of all of our services can be viewed 


Airbnb photos

4000 - 6000 SQ FT                          650

2000 - 4000 SQ FT                          400

under 2000 sq ft                        275

hOMES over - 9000 SQ FT           1176

hOMES 6000 - 9000 SQ FT            941

hOMES 4000 - 6000 SQ FT            706

HOMES 2000 - 4000 SQ FT            500

homes under 2000 sq ft          292

Builder Photo Shoots

30 sec CINEMATIC TOUR              350

Cinematic Video Tours

Weather plays a huge part in what we do. To make sure your home will look it's best we will not photograph if it's raining outside. cloudy days are ok to still shoot on, but we are always happy to reschedule with you if you prefer a sunny day.


If you want to split-up a shoot and do interiors one day and exteriors another day the first shoot is billed as a full shoot and the exteriors are billed as a separate "exteriors only" shoot.

What do you do if it's raining?

If it's raining can we do interiors only and exteriors another day?

Will you photoshop the skies if it's cloudy?

We will photoshop in blue skies for free on a cloudy day. 

All shoots must be scheduled online through our booking app. We no longer schedule shoots via email or text. You can visit our booking site HERE 

When you book online, you will receive a text & email confirmation. Inside will be a link that will allow you to reschedule or cancel the shoot. If you successfully reschedule your shoot, you will receive a confirmation text.

We completely understand the nature of how last minute real estate can be, and it's often difficult to get the home photo ready so quickly. Because of this, you can reschedule up to 2 hours before the scheduled shoot time. If the home is not ready to be photographed when we arrive, there is a fee totaling 40% of the total service charge.

How do I schedule a shoot?

What do I do if I want to reschedule or cancel a shoot? 

I just got to the home, and it's not ready. Can I reschedule last minute?


Preparing for a shoot can be overwhelming, and time consuming. To help you and the home owner focus on the areas that are most crucial to photos we've created a prep guide that you can view & send to your clients HERE

No, We actually prefer if the home owner is not there. If you would like to be there to highlight what areas you feel are most important we will make sure to focus on those areas.

While we work very hard to make sure the photos look the best, we can't clean up after the home owners. If a chair or item needs moved to get a better photo we will happily do that, but if a room is cluttered or dirty we cannot move all the items or wait for someone else to do that. 

This varies based not just on the size of the home, but on the level of detail in the home. We shoot each and every house in a way that best highlights that individual home without a specific number of photos in mind. Typically that number falls between 25 & 30 for smaller less detailed homes and can be as hight as 40-50 for larger estates with intricate details.

How do I best prepare for a shoot?

Does someone need to be present?

Will you move things or pickup if the room isn't ready?

How many photos will you deliver?

Photo Shoots

If I'm representing a builder, can they use the photos?

While, we want the builder to use the photos, he (or she) will need to purchase a use license from us. The photos can only be used to sell the home, and for portfolio marketing by the real estate agent. Likewise if a builder buys a license, the realtor will need to purchase a license to market the home for sale.

What's licensing? Don't I own the photos?

In short, no. But, licensing can be a bit of a complicated matter. To break it down - Photos are 'intellectual property' which falls into the same category as music, and it's always owned by the artist.  If you buy a CD or MP3 of a song, you have licensed that music for home use. If your friend wants to do the same, he also buys the song from the artist. Every person that wants that song has to buy it. It's the same for photos. Every business that wants to use the photos to promote themselves has to buy a license from the photographer who took that photo. 

Yes, we will, but there are travel fees and pricing minimums for anything outside the greater Indianapolis area. 

Yes, for anything that requires more than 45 minutes drive we charge $75 per hour of driving time + a minimum purchase price depending on length of travel. For example if a home is located 2 hours away from our office, there would be a $300 travel fee to cover the 4 hours of drive time there and back and to be eligible the shoot must be more than $500.

For out of town shoots, you can still schedule online. After booking please send us an email letting us know how far away the shoot is. If the weather shows greater than a 40% chance of rain we will automatically reschedule. 

Do you travel outside of Indianapolis?

Are there travel fees?

How do you handle weather and scheduling on a shoot out of town?


MEET the Team

The Home Aesthetic specializes in creating beautiful imagery for real estate both here in Indianapolis and around the country. 

The process for photographing a home goes well beyond snapping photos. Every photo we take is planned and perfectly lit, not just to document a room but to convey the emotion of the space. 

The photos we create are not meant just to sell your home. They are meant to help you build a brand people want to be a part of.

If you have a property that you are interested in having us photograph, we'd love the chance to talk with you. For agents that are interested in having us photograph all of your listings, make sure to inquire about our VIP program for discounted rates. 

Cory started The Home Aesthetic in 2014 after being frustrated with his own home buying process. He would search for hours on Real Estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and MIBOR; but the photo quality was terrible and rarely gave an adequate representation of the home. Being part photographer and part entrepreneur, he had to do something to help agents and home owners solve the problem. Most of Cory's personal photoshoots are now on the commercial side working with interior designers and hotels.

When he's not photographing, he and his wife spend most of their time traveling. They love exploring new countries and cultures. 

Kristi is our Operations Manager. She brings creativity and an eye for detail to every shoot- things she learned from her first love, ballet. Kristi graduated Cum Laude with a B.S in Dance/Arts Administration with Honors and a minor in Business from Butler University. 

When she's not behind a camera, she enjoys baking, spending time with her family, and traveling to new places.

Zion is one of our Lead Photographers. From a young age, he was immersed in the housing industry through his family, resulting in his appreciation for homes and architecture. He combined his lifelong love of photography and his passion for homes into a career in real estate photography. He is driven to represent homes through his photography in creative and unconventional ways that tell the story of a space.

When he is not taking photos, he enjoys traveling, physical fitness, going on drives, and spending time with family and friends.

Jane is one of our Associate Photographers. She began taking photos at a young age. After growing up immersed in the performing arts singing and playing music, she attended International Business College and received an Associates degree in graphic design. She believes that photography brings deep beauty to the mundane, and found the desire to pursue it even further.

When she is not taking photos, she enjoys writing poetry, spending time with her family, singing karaoke, laughing with friends, snuggling her dog, watching New Girl, or playing softball.