What about...

Hold up, wait a minute!

When you book online, you will receive a text & email confirmation. Inside will be a link that will allow you to reschedule or cancel the shoot. If you successfully reschedule your shoot, you will receive a confirmation text. 

We completely understand the nature of how last minute real estate can be, and it's often difficult to get the home photo ready so quickly. Because of this, you can reschedule up to 24 hours before the scheduled shoot time. If you need to cancel the same day, there is a fee totaling 30% of the total service charge.

How do I reschedule or cancel my shoot?

Preparing for a shoot can be overwhelming, and time consuming. To help you and the home owner focus on the areas that are most crucial to photos we've created a prep guide that you can view & send to your clients HERE.

How do I prepare for my shoot?

This varies based not just on the size of the home, but on the level of detail in the home. We shoot each and every house in a way that best highlights that individual home without a specific number of photos in mind. Typically that number falls between 25-30 for smaller less detailed homes and can be as hight as 40-50 for larger estates with intricate details.

How many photos will you deliver?

You know we love photos, but we can't hang on to them forever. The internets just aren't that big. Galleries will remain live online for 90 days. We suggest you immediately download and back them up. After 90 days the galleries may be removed.

How long will I have access to my gallery?

No, we actually prefer if the home owner is not there. If you would like to be there to highlight what areas you feel are most important, we will make sure to focus on those areas.

Does someone need to be present?

We work very hard to make sure the photos look the best, but we can't clean up after the home owners. If a chair or item needs moved to get a better photo we will happily do that, but if a room is cluttered or dirty we cannot move all the items or wait for someone else to do that. 

Will you move things or tidy up if the room isn't ready?

If you're working with a builder, select the Builder order form on our Booking Page, which will include proper licensing for both parties. 

If I'm representing a builder, can they use the photos?

In short, no. But, licensing can be a bit of a complicated matter. To break it down - Photos are 'intellectual property' which falls into the same category as music, and it's always owned by the artist. If you buy a CD or MP3 of a song, you have licensed that music for home use. If your friend wants to do the same, he also buys the song from the artist. Every person that wants that song has to buy it. It's the same for photos. Every business that wants to use the photos to promote themselves has to buy a license from the photographer who took that photo. Click HERE for more info on licensing.

What's licensing? Don't I own the photos?

For out of town shoots, you can still schedule online. After booking, please send us an email letting us know how far away the shoot is. If the weather shows greater than a 40% chance of rain we will automatically reschedule. 

How do you handle weather and scheduling on a shoot out of town?