We have a lot to offer, but not every service is ideal for every property. Let's walk through what each service is and how it can best help you.

Our Services

Lots of options here and it can be confusing. We break each option out because the end use and licensing needs for each client type are different. 

Realtors, Builders, Marketing, or Airbnb


the basics

Realtor photoshoots deliver photos meant to sell the house. Think wider room shots highlighting the selling features of the home. The number of photos delivered varies based on the size and layout of the home. 

REaltor Photoshoot

Builder photoshoots, as you see, cost a little more. On this shoot we go beyond the traditional real estate angles and we add in vignettes that highlight materials, architecture, and design details. 

Additionally we include a realtor use license with this shoot so that the builder can share the images with a listing agent to help sell the property if it's a spec build.

builder Photoshoot

This is a catch all option that serves a number of purposes, and it let's you dictate the details of the shoot. This could be used for photographing a remodel or interior design project. We charge by the hour for this type of shoot and the license is intended for your advertising and portfolio purposes.

Marketing Photos

These are designed for short term leases. We photograph the property similar to traditional real estate, but we add in those highlights that a traveler will look for when scrolling through photos. (coffee bar, fire pit, workout room, etc). Why do these cost more? Licensing. Real Estate shoots are here today and gone tomorrow, but AirBnb's could last a lifetime. Because the photos for the AirBnb can be used to list the property in perpetuity we charge a higher rate than a traditional shoot.

airbnb/vrbo photoshoot

Few things capture attention like video. With only seconds to capture the attention of potential buyers and future clients, video separates you from everyone else. Whether it's a property highlight or a client testimonial adding video to your marketing plan is a necessity in todays market. 

30 seconds,  60 seconds, Client Testimonials, and social media reels


The perfect little boost to your property marketing. These videos highlight the main areas of the home (living room, kitchen, and primary suite). 

30 second real estate video

Just like the 30 seconds video, but we have a bit more flexibility to show more of the home. These are better for homes with lots of details you want to showcase. 

60 second real estate video

No one wants to hear you go on about how good you are. That's why we have testimonials. Let your past clients share their experience and win over your next client. 91% of people read reviews, and 82% of potential buyers trust online reviews as much as a friend or family's opinion. 

Client Testimonials Video

Love it or hate it, social media is where we're spending our time. If you're not doing something to capture that audience you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Here we use a mix of photos or video clips to create bundles of social media ready reels to help you stop people mid scroll.

social media reels

Photos and video are great, but when it comes to fully marketing your properties, there are so many more options out there.  

Aerials, 3D Tours, Floor plans

Add on Services

10-12 photos of your property taken from varying heights to highlight the property's layout, topography, and surroundings. Mix it up and request these at sunset for photos that are sure to stand out.

REal Estate Drone Photos

Sometimes you're really selling the land...the house is more of a bonus to the sale. Or maybe the inside leaves a bit to be imagined, but the views on the property are incredible. This is where a real estate drone video will really help! 

30 seconds of smooth, soaring, aerial views highlighting the best parts of the property. 

REal Estate drone Video

Every house is different... some more so than others. 3D Tours really give potential buyers the chance to experience the flow of the home. These also save you and your seller a ton of time by reducing the number of showings from buyers who would otherwise find issues with the home's layout. No one likes to clean, pack up the kids, and hide the dog constantly only to come home to 0 offers. 

We are also now including free floor plans with every 3D Tour. Say goodbye to measuring each room, because these floor plans include ANSI compliant measurements. 

3D Tours

If you're just wanting a basic layout and approximate measurements for a property without a 3D Tour, we can do these as a standalone service as well. 

Floor plans

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