preparing for your

photo shoot

To best serve clients, we ask that the home be ready for photographing prior to our arrival. This will ensure that your home is photographed in a timely manner and will help ensure quality photos.

tips to ensure your home is portrayed in the best manner

• Thoroughly clean the whole house.
• Vacuum & mop floors, & clean countertops in kitchen & bathrooms.
• Turn off tv’s, all lights, & ceiling fans.
• Open blinds & curtains to allow natural light in.
• Remove clutter from common areas and kitchen counters.

• Clear countertops of small appliances, paper towel rolls, mail, etc.
• Clear fridge of magnets, papers, photos, etc.
• Hide the garbage can.
• Make sure the sink is empty.

• Clear table of clutter.
• Straighten chairs and make sure they are evenly spaced.
• Remove high chair or booster chairs.
• Placing fresh flowers or a decorative centerpiece will freshen the space up.

Dining Room

The Basics


first impressions count

• Remove cars from driveway and close garage doors.
• Clean up landscaping, mow the lawn, remove limbs & weeds.
• Clean porches and straighten outdoor furniture & cushions/pillows.
• Clean pool & remove debris.
• Hide gardening hose, toys, etc.
• Tidy up grilling areas and remove grill cover.
• Remove Trash cans.

• Place food & water bowls out of sight.
• Remove crates or pet beds from common areas.
• Clear backyard of pet waste and toys.
• A helpful tip: use a lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture.



• Clear off countertops completely. No toothbrushes/paste, hair products, or soap.
• Put toilet seat down.
• Remove shampoos, soaps, & razors from showers & tubs.
• Replace dirty towels with clean, unused towels.
• Remove bath mats.

• Remove photo frames.
• Make bed and fluff pillows.
• Press bed linens to smooth out wrinkles.
• Remove clutter from nightstands and dressers.

• Remove clutter- magazines, remote controls, gaming consoles.
• Remove any picture frames.
• Fluff and rearrange cushions and pillows.



Living room/Family Room